Name :   Hannah
Email Address :   
Date :   July 19,2007
Comment :   Hey, Big Daddy
Name :   ANITA
Email Address :
Date :   7/5/07
Name :   Cindy
Email Address :
Date :   07/04/2007
Comment :   Hey Russell--Love the website, picture show is great. Listened to the songs and danced in the den.Hope to get that way sometime and catch a show, visit with cousin Jeff and Miss Dale.Take care--Petty Officer Cindy
Name :   Tim Coman
Email Address :
Date :   7/4/2007
Comment :   Russell... Tim Coman from the old SBU days... Great to see you doin so well
Name :   Ron & Betty Ullman
Email Address :
Date :   6/30/07
Comment :   Mr. Walker; We were just wondering when you will be coming back to Columbia, MS. We enjoy your music extremely!
Name :   tub man
Email Address :
Date :   6/29/2007
Comment :   thanks for the free drinks
Name :   Sandra Garcia
Email Address :
Date :   06/27/2k7
Comment :   You are soooo handsome we usually go to Somewhere Else on Friday just to hear and dance to your music. Much love to ya.
Name :   Dale
Email Address :
Date :   6/26/2007
Comment :   keep up the good work
Name :   Tina
Email Address :
Date :   06/20/2007
Comment :   Love talkin dirty
Name :   melanie
Email Address :
Date :   6-16-07
Comment :   just wanted to let you know that i havent slipped lately! totally like the page! hope to see you soon! melanie (your UPS delivery girl)
Name :   Melissa
Email Address :
Date :   6/13/07
Comment :   Russell -- You and your band do an AWSOME job--keep up the hard work and all will pay off!!
Name :   delisaridgdell
Email Address :   carsonridgedll
Date :   6/10/07
Comment :   dear russelwalker iam 13 teen in a half 3mouths and 93 days before i birthday i wont to know if you can come to 1329 main street and sing a birthday song on septemper 4,2007
Name :   rebel couple
Email Address :
Date :   06/10/2007
Comment :   we could sure tell you guys were off--tough weekend having to dance to other peoples music--see ya out at landers & stampede we cant wait
Name :   Mary Helen
Email Address :
Date :   6/8/07
Comment :   Russell, just looked over your website and listened to your last releases - THEY ARE GREAT - SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!
Name :   Joshua Fanguy
Email Address :
Date :   6/6/07
Comment :   Dont know if u remember or not, when u played at my brothers funneral a couple of years back in august. I can still remember like yesterday. I dont think i had thank you personally for playing. If not THANK YOU SO MUCH. You have no idea of what sweet memo
Name :   melissa wallace
Email Address :
Date :   6-6-2007
Comment :   hey i really love your song.hope you the best.hardy hayden said hey.
Name :   Bert Thomas
Email Address :
Date :   05jun2007
Comment :   Whats up? HT2 Thomas checkin in wich ya. Remember hangin in 86-87? Send me a note.
Name :   Melissa Newcomb
Email Address :
Date :   may 31, 2007
Comment :   I am writing to you from the state of Virginia ... I used to live in greensburg and I loved your first album I am so glad to find it online and i am ordering it thanks Melissa
Date :   05/29/07
Name :   Tess
Email Address :
Date :   5-28-07
Comment :   Hey Russell! Cant wait to see you perform again! Love ya
Name :   Tn Tim
Email Address :
Date :   May 27, 2007
Comment :   Whats up in the swamp? Just bears and billies (hillbillies) up here in tha sticks of Tennessee. Had a blast in Nash. Tn Tim
Name :   R. W. JUNKIE
Email Address :   
Date :   5/24/07
Name :   Tera Dillon
Email Address :
Date :   5/23/2007
Comment :   Hey Russell an the band,I just wanted to tell you guys that yall sound great and I enjoy going and watching and listening to you all..God Bless and Take Care..Tera
Name :   
Email Address :   
Date :   05/25/07
Comment :   Hi Russell,Been along time just wanted to say hello!Kim,Patti and Paula
Name :   Patricia Seals
Email Address :
Date :   5/22/07
Comment :   I really like the band.I look forward to seeing you again.
Name :   Dale Cox
Email Address :
Date :   05/21/2007
Comment :   love your music
Name :   boo conrad
Email Address :   
Date :   
Comment :   Hey Russell, hope you guys are doing well. Just thought Id drop a line to hi and miss you guys. Take care and looking forward to coming out to hear the new sound. Take care.
Name :   Alicia
Email Address :
Date :   5/20/07
Comment :   Hey Russell, I miss seeing you at the ice house. Hope everything is going well for you. Hope to see you soon. Love ya!!!
Name :   Scott a.k.a. Superman
Email Address :
Date :   05/16/07
Comment :   Hey my drinking buddy I hope your week is going great. I was just checking out the show dates seeing which shows I can catch, and I thought I would just send you a litle Something Something.
Name :   BETH
Email Address :
Date :   may 16 2007
Comment :   hey the 17th is my bday.YOU ROCK.I love your music always have,always will.You are the greatest.I go to the doctor friday,will keep you and our special lady informed on what they say keep me in your prayers this time i think i need them the most.Till we m
Name :   janis valenti
Email Address :
Date :   5-14-07
Comment :   you guys were awsome at the stampede keep it up.
Name :   Mary Fairburn
Email Address :
Date :   May 13, 2007
Comment :   Russel rocks!! Luv the song Ruthann
Name :   Duck
Email Address :
Date :   May 11, 2007
Comment :   Hey Russell, Mike Yarborough (my boss) told me to look you up. Cool tunes. Do yall play outside of LA ? Im sure you dont get this far North (really nobody should). Looking forward to hearing the whole CD. Let us know if you ever get to Virginia. Live
Name :   mike
Email Address :
Date :   05\08\2007
Comment :   thanks for the c.d keep up the good work really enjoying your music.see ya in the waffle house soon
Name :   Alisha
Email Address :
Date :   5/5/07
Comment :   LOVE the music!!!! U guys R great!
Name :   Bryant Russell
Email Address :   
Date :   May 4 2007
Comment :   Met you at Burger King in Amite La. I really enjoyed talking to you.Would like to hear from you. cell 985-981-5362
Name :   Scott a.k.a. Superman
Email Address :
Date :   
Comment :   Hey Russell you kicked ass in McComb opening for Mark Chestnut. I love all your music and you know Superman is ya biggest fan. I always support you. I want a Russell Walker armband to wear around all the time. Are you planning on shooting a video for Talk
Name :   dena
Email Address :
Date :   april,30,2007
Comment :   I saw you at the iron horse festival in McComb you put on a dang good show....Keep up the good work....
Name :   Patrick Cooper, and tommie
Email Address :
Date :   April 30,2007
Comment :   the little girl on stage at festival was my little grand daughter. small world huh?
Name :   Lisa Brown
Email Address :
Date :   04/29/07
Comment :   Good luck to you in the future.
Name :   Nikki Cockerham
Email Address :
Date :   4-28-07
Comment :   Hey Russell, I am not sure if you will actually read this or not but I saw you perform for the first time tonight before Mark Chestnutt in McComb, Ms. I was with my sister-in-law Tonya. I really enjoyed yalls performance and hope to catch you again somewh
Name :   Shelly Spires
Email Address :   
Date :   4-28-07
Comment :   Thanks for the autograph.Hope that you make it big.You will get the country music award!! Keep up the good work.
Name :   Beth Coody
Email Address :
Date :   04/20/2007
Comment :   Me and my family love you to death. Keep up the good work. I know we will still keep sepporting you all the way to Nashville. Keep it up never look down. God be with you, your family, and your band.
Name :   shannoneasley
Email Address :
Date :   4_19_07
Comment :   Russlle walker l have fun were you play at the stamped become l like yoursongs Russell become your band very good at the stamped were l can go out on a friday are on a saturday nigth so you and your band rock the house at the stamped l hope to see you soo
Name :   danny
Email Address :
Date :   4/17/2006
Comment :   wow guys saturday night was rockintotally wild party--the gangs wearing their rebel shirts this saturday so if you own one wear it---should make for a good special lady picture at stampede
Email Address :
Date :   04/16/07
Comment :   just thought i would say hey... keep up the good work. Jessica
Name :   maggie
Email Address :
Date :   4/13/07
Comment :   uncle russell we love u keep doin what u doin but have fun doin it love ya
Name :   Ruth Hancock
Email Address :
Date :   04/12/07
Comment :   Hey relocated after the hurricane.Kentwood home girl love your music use to go see you everywhere. Keep it up.Let me know when the new cd is out.
Name :   Beth Ballard
Email Address :
Date :   4 9 07