Name :   tinker
Email Address :
Date :   01-30-09
Comment :   i will be callin the radeo stations here in calif. to see if they will play your new singal. i lived in amite,la for a couple of years and i loved goin and seein you with debbie cuccia and scott(superman).
Name :   Unknown
Email Address :   
Date :   01-17-09
Comment :   Enough to make an Angel cry does just what it says
Name :   Holly Whitty
Email Address :
Date :   01/14/09
Comment :   The few times I have seen Russell Walker perform it was a real joy. He makes me feel so welcome and part of something. AND he can sing!!!!
Name :   Louisiana Mudfest
Email Address :
Date :   01/13/2009
Comment :   Sounds good!Louisiana Mudfest is always looking for great Louisiana acts.
Name :   Cecilia Taylor-Pickens
Email Address :
Date :   01/10/2009
Comment :   I just wanted to say hi! Ill see yall at the Ice House the next time you play.
Name :   FRANCES
Email Address :
Date :   01/06/2009
Comment :   hey russell!i just wanted to say i love ur music and keep up the wonderful music u make!this is sambos daughter!
Name :   darlene
Email Address :
Date :   1/08/09
Comment :   Cant wait til yall are back at the wheel. John we have the chocolate and bbq sauce ready. Well skip the fondue.
Name :   pam martin
Email Address :
Date :   1-2-09
Comment :   hey russell i made it back to kansas ok only bad part is you dont play up here thanks dor making my lastnight home a great one cant wait to see the pics from the ice house 12-26-08 love you guys much ttyl oh myspace link is loe
Name :   Sandy Welch
Email Address :
Date :   1-2-2009
Comment :   Wow! Russell your doing great. I havent seen you in a while but I hear your music is better than ever. Janel tells me when your at Wee Dees but you know Im the designated babysitter so that leaves me at home. Stop by and see me. Im still in the same place
Name :   kay
Email Address :
Date :   12/31/08
Comment :   happy new year russell! miss ya lots! love kay...........
Name :   Amanda
Email Address :
Date :   12/21/08
Comment :   Hey Russell just wanted to say i love your music!
Name :   amber
Email Address :
Date :   december 19
Comment :   u rock! russel walkers love u
Name :   RUTH ANN
Email Address :
Date :   12/18/08
Comment :   A friend of mine called me the other morning freaking out over this song, Ruth Ann! I didnt believed her that there was really a song with my name, since I have only met maybe one or two Ruth Anns, so where was your Ruth Ann from? Could you be singing abo
Email Address :   WESTMORELAND1966@YAHOO.COM
Date :   12/14/2008
Name :   Monique S. Woods
Email Address :   mony19632001@yahoo,com
Date :   11-24-08
Comment :   Hey Russell now i live in MS.. how can i get youre music? How much is the CDs or can I order it online? I STILL LOVE YOURE MUSIC...
Name :   tracy spears
Email Address :
Date :   11/22/08
Comment :   Russell Walker You Rock
Name :   Tracy
Email Address :   Sweetie933@yahoo
Date :   Nov 11 08
Comment :   Hey russell
Name :   Melinda Britton
Email Address :
Date :   Nov 15,2008
Comment :   Hey Russell,Im looking for to seeing you and the guys tonight at Spitalies.
Name :   ashley
Email Address :
Date :   11-15-08
Comment :   Hey Russell! Had a blast at Landers 10-17-08. Im so glad I finally got a chance to see ya again. So funny that ya didnt reconize me til I opened my mouth. Must be that coonass Hope to catch ya a WeeDees one night wit Sunni and the gang. Well by
Name :   Linda
Email Address :
Date :   Nov. 6, 2008
Comment :   Love your band. I would really like to know more about your sound man, Willard. I think he is a hunk.
Name :   vickie ribando
Email Address :
Date :   11-02-08
Comment :   i think u are just awesome. u do a great job with james ottos song just got started loving u. keep up the great work.
Name :   Dank Turnage & Kristie Davis
Email Address :
Date :   10/23/2008
Comment :   Hey had a blast for my birthday at Landers 10/17 sorry i forgot my shirt!!!
Name :   Jackie Griffin
Email Address :
Date :   10-19-08
Comment :   Had a blast at somewhere else with yall last nite!!! Hey is John single ?
Name :   amanda
Email Address :
Date :   10/11/2008
Name :   ashley
Email Address :
Date :   10/04/08
Comment :   hey sexy ass... i love ur music , i am always at ur shows , and cant wait to see u again ! luve ur grl queen ashley
Name :   ashley
Email Address :
Date :   9-29-08
Comment :   Hey Russell! Trying to make plans to come see ya 10-17-08. I hope it works out. Cant wait to see you. Love ya! (flash)
Name :   Pansy Allen
Email Address :
Date :   09/28/08
Comment :   love your music...
Name :   kay cleveland arnone
Email Address :
Date :   09-21-2008
Comment :   enjoyed seeing you at the city cafe in kentwood
Name :   wanda cheramie
Email Address :
Date :   08/1108
Comment :   keep up the good work. fans from way back. errol and wanda
Name :   Barbara Howell
Email Address :
Date :   Aug 5 2008
Comment :   Enjoyed your show at the wagon wheel back in July. Looking forward to seeing you and your band again!
Name :   jimbo strang
Email Address :
Date :   8-1-08
Comment :   see you won this week on rising super star contest. maybe we will meet one day. have a good one....jimbo p.s. yes I did vote for you.
Name :   tracy
Email Address :   
Date :   7-30-08
Comment :   Hey russell miss ur singing. Havent been going out since i got married. I finally got married again.
Name :   Lena Guthrie
Email Address :
Date :   7-27-08
Comment :   I was at the Ice House on July 25, 2008 to see Russell. He is the only reason I go to the Ice House. Love ya Russell
Name :   Brooks
Email Address :
Date :   7-21-08
Comment :   I came I saw and U rocked!!!! Go get em Russell. Ur version of Wayne Toupes is a little better than Landers version.
Name :   loretta
Email Address :
Date :   07/13/08
Comment :   I think u guys are great and Gonna hit the big times gonna be a big star someday! Hold head proud and have much faith! Looking 4ward 2 seeing you guys soon.
Name :   Samantha Still
Email Address :
Date :   7/4/08
Comment :   i love you songs and really like its enough to make and angel me samantha
Name :   ladylaura
Email Address :
Date :   7-16-08
Comment :   you prolly dont remember me,i was the one that kept flashing you and the guy on the keyboards.i had a blast that night!and i wasnt even drunk.imagine if i was!!! a fan of yours,,laura!!!
Name :   Chad Whittenburg
Email Address :
Date :   6/13/2008
Comment :   Hope you made it home this morning! I fully enjoyed hangin out in the studio in Nashville and watchin the next #1 single in Texas get laid down. That song rocks, I cant get it outta my head. TEAL Later! Signed the Husband-in-Law
Name :   Sabrina
Email Address :
Date :   5-31-08
Comment :   You put on a great show when youre in Hammond. Ill be there to see you on June 20. See you soon.
Name :   B. J. Bridges
Email Address :
Date :   June 6, 2008
Comment :   Hey, Russell!! Hello from New York. Of all the things I miss most about home, its Saturday night at WeeDees with You and the band. I think Kaycee and Buck are taking up my slack. Oh, LOVE the new cd. Sounds great. Keep it up and hope to be south again soo
Name :   Melinda Walker
Email Address :
Date :   05-29-08
Comment :   To my loving husband -- I cant wait till our special night in June -- I have lots of surprises planned for you. Love ya always! Good Luck! ;)
Name :   Mindy
Email Address :
Date :   5-25-08
Comment :   Hey Russell!! It was great seeing you Saturday Night at Bear Creek! You were great! We had a blast!! Thanks, Mindy, Kiel, Amy,& Steven
Name :   chase thomass
Email Address :
Date :   5/14/08
Comment :   hey see you at landers on yhe 30th. oh yea i am scottie thomass littie brother..
Name :   LYNDA
Email Address :
Date :   05-05-2008
Comment :   good seeing you at the bike rally
Name :   Tiffany Guy
Email Address :
Date :   may 1, 2008
Comment :   Hey yall, I had a kickass time at Silvercreek campground the other night!! cant wait to see yall at landers on the 30th!! ps wheres the pics from landers from april 11(i think 11th..cant member that far back.) love yall Tiffany
Name :   Ginger
Email Address :
Date :   04/30/08
Comment :   loved seeing you play at the italian fest this year again...your band sounds really good
Name :   Cecils Daughter
Email Address :
Date :   04-03-08
Comment :   Hey Russell How are you doing Daddy said he talk to you yesterday Congraulations on your song. see you soon Kay
Name :   Darlene
Email Address :
Date :   March 24, 2008
Comment :   Hi Russell, Dad (Bro. Hill from Kentwood church) said he saw you in Walmart in Bogalusa awhile back and said you were singing, so I looked you up on the internet. I would love to hear from you.
Name :   melissa schultz
Email Address :
Date :   3-22-08
Comment :   haha.its me melissa lesliee hyde neice.i love your songs they are really great.i cry off of one song enough to make an angel cry.i will see you one day soon at your work or whereever you play at maybe we-dees i will talk with you later..bye love ya
Name :   carla
Email Address :
Date :   3-11-08
Comment :   i miss yall pewee travis