Name :   Odette
Email Address :
Date :   11/05/05
Comment :   Russell I love your new drummer!!!Love to see more pics of him...
Name :   Tracey
Email Address :
Date :   11/5/05
Comment :   Loved your band I was at the end of the line for Halloween
Name :   Wanza
Email Address :
Date :   11-04-05
Comment :   You, Russell Walker, ARE a Politically Incorrect Redneck...and we like it !!!
Name :   Lisa
Email Address :
Date :   11/01/2005
Comment :   We enjoy yall Saturday night at the End of the Lines, Halloween party. But would have like to see more pictures from that night. Can you please show more
Name :   Gene King
Email Address :
Date :   29 Oct 05
Comment :   Hey, Thanks for putting the Buzzard Belles on your site. Thats a crazy bunch of women. Since you are from Amite, I assume you know my next door neighbor, Sal Pettito.
Name :   Ronnie Renfrow
Email Address :
Date :   10/05
Comment :   Hey Russell!Im in Nashville,About to go on a 4 state tour.I miss all of you,I hope to be back in LA. sometime next year.Good luck to your band,You need to be in Nashville.
Name :   lACI
Email Address :
Date :   10/26/05
Comment :   Love the pics from Dimples! You guys were great! cant wait to see you again.
Name :   Kathy
Email Address :
Date :   10/24/05
Comment :   Hey Russell, Just wanted to let you know we really enjoyed your show at Dimples Saturday night. Thanks! Kathy (Chases mom)
Name :   Deidre Cox
Email Address :
Date :   10-24-2005
Comment :   Russell, We REALLY enjoyed having you guys play at Dimples! AWESOME job! Hope to have you back very soon! HUGS!
Name :   Wanza McGuffie
Email Address :
Date :   10/06/05
Comment :   I am from Brookhaven, MS., and for the past several months, I have not missed a Russell Walker weekend hearing him sing & entertain. But, due to being in Texas last weekend and missing both his shows, I am now having Russell Walker Withdrawals!!! I am bac
Name :   damn yankee
Email Address :   flyfishing_forever2000
Date :   10/3/05
Comment :   Upstate NY here! Friends of Phyllis, Debra and Jack(big dog) I just wanted to say this yankee finds your music outstanding! Keep em coming!
Name :   Cherie Kemp
Email Address :   danjrus1riobunch@yahoo
Date :   9/30/05
Comment :   Hi guys.......havent had the chance lately to hear the band...til tonight at Jakies in Hammond.......was worth the drive! U still rock every time I hear u .........we had a great time!
Name :   Sandy Tyrney Matherne
Email Address :
Date :   09/09/05
Comment :   Pictures look really good ( just did not see any of me!!!!)Just kidding...keep up the good work!
Name :   Debbie Graham
Email Address :
Date :   09-28-05
Comment :   Hey Russell, Hope you will be back in Bogalusa soon. We sure miss you. Partying with you would be a nice break from all we have been through with Katrina.
Name :   Mark in Minneapolis MN.
Email Address :   
Date :   Sept 27/05
Comment :   Just to let you know,,He has been played on the radio up here.Please keep supporting him and Bandera.
Name :   Mark
Email Address :
Date :   Sept 27/05
Comment :   And i know first hand how much he appreciates all of you for supporting him and the band.
Name :   Mark in Minneapolis MN.
Email Address :
Date :   Sept. 27/05
Comment :   Wanna finnish my message to everbody. Everytime i talk to Russell he says how great you are to him & the band.
Name :   Tana Penton
Email Address :   
Date :   9-25-05
Comment :   Hey! Everybody! I have been missing yall. Sorry I havent come to see yall but I have been busy with the storm. I have some damange. hey Russell & bandera I miss yall and hope to see yall soon. Miss my friends too. I know that yall are still the hottest ba
Name :   Mark in Minneapolis, MN.
Email Address :
Date :   9-21-05
Comment :   Whats up riverrat? I see my X left u a message here, she told me she did but i didnt belive her, guess she was right. I told my mom the aflac duck was heading north to her mail box,She laughed. Right now theres alot of people reading this and not knowin
Name :   Scott a.k.a Superman
Email Address :
Date :   9/16/05
Comment :   Hey Russell. Daryl Sharkey and I will be at Jakies tonight to party with u. It is Mr. Sharkeys birthday tonight. So we coming to the kick ass show and party down with u
Name :   Kathy
Email Address :
Date :   9/12/2005
Name :   Cheryl Capello
Email Address :
Date :   9-12-05
Comment :   Thanks for making my night Friday Sep. 9th at Misery & Jens and thanks for the yellow autographed T-shirt!! I really enjoyed seeing yall play. Its been too long. Hope to see you soon. Cheryl
Name :   Brandie and Lance
Email Address :
Date :   9/5/05
Comment :   Hey Russell. Next time we are at We Dees, you better get some pictures of us. I saw Ross and Cathy and Mr. David. You are missing the best of the crew.
Name :   Lisa Coley
Date :   August 30, 2005
Comment :   Hey, just got out of the hospital after 3 weeks and thought I would say hello. I am pretty much bed ridden for a few weeks and this computer has become my best friend. Wanted to say hello, maybe I can see yall on the 9th since I only live a few blocks fro
Name :   Cherie Hart
Email Address :
Date :   08-28-2005
Comment :   My friend, Donna and I went to Stampede in Hammond tonight. She never heard Russell before.She really enjoyed it. I love him and his band, they are great. I have seen them many, many times. My favorite song by him is: Top of Rock Bottom. Keep up the good
Name :   April Lynn
Email Address :
Date :   08-26-05
Comment :   Hey Its April Just wanted to say hello hopefully you will remember me!!!!Z-71 (Charter) Bye
Name :   charity carnegie
Email Address :
Date :   8 25 05
Comment :   hi russell i am really going to miss your shows since ive moved i am going to buy all of your new cds so every one here can hear you love always charity
Name :   John
Email Address :
Date :   August 23rd, 2005
Comment :   Hey Russell, Hope to be your new drummer! What do ya think?
Name :   Scott a.k.a Superman
Email Address :
Date :   August 23, 2005
Comment :   Hey Russell I have a table reserved for Friday night. Its A Britt Kennedy Signs Company Party with employees & friends. See Ya at Jakies Friday night man as always its going to be KICK ASS!!!!
Name :   Heather Anderson
Email Address :
Date :   08-23-2005
Comment :   Hey just wanted to say hey and that I love to here you play. See you this weekend.
Name :   Crystal Davis
Email Address :
Date :   08-23-05
Comment :   I just thought Id say hey! love ya...... onion ass!
Name :   the joe dick
Email Address :   
Date :   20 august 2005
Comment :   hey bud one of these days I am going to drop by a gig again when I am not playing and hang with you guys see if I can drink phil patterson under the table (I seem to see him in lots of pix with a beer bottle) HEY PHIL JUST RAGGING ON YOU PAL!!! .. good l
Name :   sara leblanc
Email Address :
Date :   aug.19,2005
Comment :   i think you are in love with my mom, and my mom is in love with you. oh yeah and she loved the bubble bath too!!!!!!
Name :   Joyce Ann Conant
Email Address :
Date :   08/19/2005
Comment :   hi remember me I came to see you in 2004 with Mitch and patty?I am from Maine.
Name :   DeeDee W.
Email Address :
Date :   8-17-05
Comment :   Hey Yall! Very Nice Website & Great Music! Saw pics of people I know, too cool! I wish you much success!
Name :   kathy
Email Address :
Date :   8/15/05
Comment :   i have been coming to the Ice House every Friday u are there /i love your music/i am the small short woman who u owe a slow dance to/u r the best Russell Walker love \Kathy Langlois /a true coonass in redneck country
Name :   debbie vasbinder
Email Address :
Date :   8-15-05
Comment :   we really enjoy russel i love his elvis songs he does great with them would like to see him do more of the great rock and roll keep on what you doing at the rocking mule
Name :   Robin
Email Address :   robin21denise@yahoo.vom
Date :   8/13/05
Comment :   Yall were great Friday at the Ice House. Keep it up you will go far.
Name :   Dallas
Email Address :
Date :   08/10/2005
Comment :   Yall did an awesome job at we dees this past weekend. Keep up the good work.
Name :   Kim J Guillory
Email Address :
Date :   08/10/2005
Comment :   The sky is the limit. Hang in there.
Name :   Pianist
Email Address :
Date :   08-08-05
Comment :   Do what you gotta do! You know what you want, and where you are headed and what you gotta do to get there!!!
Name :   Wanza McGuffie
Email Address :
Date :   08-08-05
Comment :   You and your band are awesome! Just dont ever be without your sound man again !!! We are gonna help you all we can in any way we can!!!
Name :   Kay and ed Stogner
Email Address :
Date :   aug.7.2005
Comment :   heard ull at double ds .....youll were great!!!!!
Name :   Tommy T
Email Address :
Date :   august 6
Comment :   Hey Guys,I enjoyed the band at the Double D.Your drummer is really good.
Name :   The Brain
Email Address :
Date :   08/05/05
Comment :   Hi Russell, it has been a long time. I was wondering, what ever happened with you and Foundation Records? Also what label, if any, are you with now? In truth I have idea as to what has happened to Foundation or Mr. Martin. I am glad to see that you are st
Name :   jeff robinson
Email Address :
Date :   8-4-05
Comment :   Hey Russell,How ya doin?Im Jeff the keyboard player from AL,just checking your sight things seem to be good for ya.Let me know if you every need keys and good luck,Jeff
Name :   Kelly Mixon
Email Address :   
Date :   8/02/05
Comment :   Hey Russell,I had a great time at the Rocking Horse on my Birthday.7/30/05.See you Aug 13 at the Rocking Horse.
Name :   brandy stogner
Email Address :   ladybug_70438
Date :   08/01/2005
Comment :   hey ! think u music is awsome. i really love it is enough to make a angel cry