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Country Rocker, Russell Walker Inks Nashville Deal

NASHVILLE – Aspirion Records Group, helmed by record industry veteran George Collier,
announced today the signing of Kentwood, Louisiana native Russell Walker.  Aspirion
Records is a privately owned independent label whose roster includes established artist
Collin Raye, and Television star John Corbett’s new Country CD.  Collier stated, “We have
been actively, and selectively seeking artists with a unique edge, Russell Walker fits that

Russell will be heading to Nashville to begin production on his new CD album within the
next month.  Nashville record producer, and songwriter Tom Paden will produce the
album.  This is the second album project red lighted by this duo.  The first project netted
such radio hits as “Ruthann” and “It’s a Good Thing”.  “The success of these songs
created an air of interest for Russell, and his music in the Country Music Capitol”, stated
Management Consultant, Eric Straton.  He further stated, “Russell has always been
viewed by Music Row as a talented high energy entertainer, but the real test is radio, and
Russell Walker proved Radio will play him, and Radio audiences like him.”

The Aspirion Record Group team, collectively intend to propel Russell to the national
stage by utilizing a strategy that builds on Russell’s regional success through aggressive
national radio, television and retail promotion and marketing.

Russell can be found performing in almost any South Louisiana or Mississippi venue
where country music is heard.

For more information concerning Russell Walker Contact:  Galaxy Entertainment
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Russell has released "Politcally Incorrect Redneck" to radio
stations nationwide on CDX and it is receiving airplay all over
the nation!  If you would like to hear it, call up your local
station and request it.
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The CD "It's A Good Thing" can be purchased by going to
Merchandise Page on this Website or from the following
Best Buy at
Circuit City at
Barnes and Noble at
Tower Records at
Or locally at Music Express in Hammond, La
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Russell's new single "Talkin' Dirty" from the new CD has been
released  to radio stations nationwide on CDX (409 track 10) and
it is receiving airplay all over the world!  Please help us out and
call up your local station and request it.  The new CD titled
"Russell Walker" has some really greats tracks on it and is
available now.  See the
Merchandise Page!
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The radio audience at Kajun 107.1 in Hammond and the voters on
the website picked Somethin' Somethin' to be the next single to be
released.  So it will be Somethin' Somethin' coming out next for
nationwide radio release in June 2007!  Click on the link below to
listen to it.

Listen to Somethin' Somethin'
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The new CD gets a good review!  Click on the link to read the review on the web or
read the review right here!

Read the review on the web

Artist: Russell Walker
Title: Russell Walker
Label: Aspirion Music Group

Written by Joe Hartlaub
Box 797
Albany,  NY  12201

I hardly listen to country music radio anymore. Tim and Faith piss me off, Vince Gill
doesn't get played enough, and the whole process by which the music is recorded
and released seems broken. There are bright spots, however, consisting of a
constellation of independent labels that turn away from the sheen and gloss that
permeates too much of what passes for the genre but seems to be filtered through a
New York idea of what may or may not sell. Aspirion is one of those indy labels, and
they have released yet another winner with Russell Walker.

Walker walks a line between Toby Keith (“Pair Of Dice”) and Jimmy Buffett (“Cowboys
of the Caribbean“), with a bit of Kenny Rogers thrown in here and there. Walker’s
self-titled debut is nothing fancy or pretty, and that’s a good thing. He starts off
strong with “Talking Dirty” and gets better, not being afraid to get a little loud and
raucous on tunes like “Somethin’ Somethin,’” or to express appreciation for the
female form on “Oh Linda.” I kept thinking of the line “I'm a great fan of the women’s
movement, particularly when I'm walking behind it,” while listening to this fine, fun
disc. And while I don't drink, it didn't stop me from enjoying such tracks as “Too
Drunk To Be Drinkin’” or “I Ain’t Dropped A Drink.” The best country music lyrics have
always contained some plays on words, and Walker continues that tradition nicely
throughout this disc, with such lines as “I don't have much of a love life, but I love life
any how” on “Love Life, all the while changing things up a bit from track to track
without relying on overproduction. On the occasion when Walker gets wistful, such as
“Waiting For The Sun to Shine,” he doesn't get maudlin; things, he seems to hint, will
get better. Walker’s vocals have a rough and real edge to them; what you hear is
what he’s got, and that’s not bad, not bad at all. And most importantly, it’s real.

Russell Walker sounds the way country music should sound, all of the time. I have
the feeling that this is the type of country music that Natalie Maines has called
“ignorant” in the past: that’s all the more reason to listen to it.

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Russell's new single "Somethin' Somethin'" from the new CD has
been released  to radio stations nationwide on CDX (424 track 17)
and it is receiving airplay all over the world!  Please help us out
and call up your local station and request it.
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